Santa - Why movie name is PK?
Banta - Because movie is devoted to Pakistani friends

Banta - "who will benefit from PK movie ?"
Santa says - Pakistani Boys. It will help Pakistani boys to find a bride. Which has been a problem recently?


Santa asked - In PK film - Jagat Jagni is hindu, Sarfaraz is Muslim. Why both went to Church for getting married?

Banta - because Cat shown in movie was Christian.

In temple people should save money and not pour milk on Shivling  But then why to spend money on Haj Yatra. UP govt even give subsidy to help people to go there.

(Banta feel that he is more wise than Aamir Khan)


Santa - Aamir Khan applies stickers of Hindu gods on his cheeks after stealing from temple to avoid getting slapped by temple authorities. Why does not he do same at other places ?

Banta - Ohh. They do not slap, they doo much more.... so Aamir and PK team decided not to say anything about them


In PK movie - PK tells Jaggu that people do not speak at all on his planet and that they communicate using minds.

This got Santa/Banta thinking about evolution. If they did not use their vocal chords at all, why would they still have vocal chords left.

**** Santa Banta is more intelligent than PK ****


Santa asked Banta -
In "PK movie" Aamir khan got all knowledge /language transfer from Prostitute. Then WHY he did not know about Condom



WHO THINK THAT PK SCRIPT WAS GOOD? Even kids writer better script


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