PK is irresponsible movie

PK is ir-responsible movie.

It provide entertainment and hurt a big part of society. The message it convey is misleading and biased.

Earlier there was corruption in politics. In 2000 match fixing concept started in Cricket matches . In 2014 Movie fixing has started

Now Movies have become mechanism to brainwash people mind

Many times it is difficult to know what a person attention is. It is more difficult to know what is inside an actor.  (because they are actor and portray themseleve in different way).

Aamir Khan is India's greates actor.  He is capable of portraying himself in different ways.  He has done a great acting, but movie theme is extremly biased.   This is carefully scripted trap - Gives lot of good thing + entertainment + small dose of bad message that benefit specific community.

IfPK team has good intention he should have highlighted similar issues in Pakistan or not mentioned at all.

why name of movie is PK? Is it devoted to Pakistan?

The movie uses alien. Nowadays everyone is obsessed with Alien. Then movie has entertainment. Audience trust alien. Then alien convey his dirty agenda. Direction and script is extremly poor.

e.g. in accident where Sanjay Dutt dies given no explaination. In anger Aamir khan and Boman Irani decided to take anger on Hindu Priest. Very misleading, very selfish and very poor direction

Suddenly Alien and director cooked up story which does not made any sense - Cat in Church, slip exchange.

There is clear pattern - that movie is just hiding genuine issues in one community and making fun of other

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